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Friday, 27 February 2015

I want Sydrojé back. (But meanwhile we got 'em on streaming!)

That's back in 2009. This album, Duende. The music you can play here below in this post. Their birth is some year before, 2005. It's since then that I bring around on my servers their files, since I've been so lucky to even witness the origin of many of their songs, but it was a long time I was waiting for this day: their production online, better, on streaming, easier to catch for me and much, much easier to share. Now everyone can listen to them:

(And already they were on facebook.)

That's how I started to make stuff to please the eyes while others were pleasing the ears, by the way; they are my longer collaboration and, technically, it never stopped. Lately they are not doing much as band, but they never closed the project. And, actually, as historical fan as well, I fuckin' wish they'll do something again.

However, there are other interesting reasons behind all this. After the high school, their front-man, Stefano Scrima, started to study and to live in other places and especially when he left for Spain he couldn't anymore work much inside a band. So he started his way as singer writer. That's a name you may remember also from some more recent post: he's LinFante (here on fb), who's now more active then ever and with whom I enjoy collaborating as well.

Ok, enough of this recap. I hope you can enjoy the music, you'll find more on their links. That's only one album. If I had a little more energies I was bothering you also talking about the title, but my eyelids beg some sweet darkness. So consider asking your browser, about that.

Enjoy Duende, this old good work coming back to rock your blood.
And see you soon with much fresher babies.

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