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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Space Pirate ( Vendeta )

If you're around in Bolivia or Chile these months, watch out for this gallant foe traveling the world: that's not easy to spend much time with him, so make sure you are not wasting it being sad for his early departure, because you're already being very lucky * and because even the smaller life drops that you can take from a minuscule moment with him can inspire you for life. If you touch his freedom, you'll learn that you can only wish him to be free – and you'll learn you're free as well.

This post is my vengeance after he partly shaved his gorgeous curls (that you can see below).
He doesn't like many attentions of this kind on him, so I'm sure all this will work out as a terribly, infinitely, evil, horrible, unbearable, tremendous vendetta.
(I love that, bwhahahahaha!)

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