Sunday, 1 December 2013

спокойной ночи

Tonight, or yesterday night, whatever (I never understood how to mention the night just gone…), meh… The last night, I was working on a movie, but the software was taking too long breaks getting stuck, so meanwhile every now and then I was sketching something useful for my other current projects. At a certain point, a big pink bird came out.

And again.

So I started to guess there was again way too much inspiration going on and I let the mirror distract myself.

And then somehow some sweet sweet words told me by my dear friend Johnny John landed on another paper with which I was filling the lacks of work from the software…

(colors, coulours, culurs, coloooours, aaarrgh!)

And then a supposed-to-be-character-design became another vision which I called Katalùna because of the wonderful Jackalope's dream I just read after making it.

And then, during the last break of the software, The Siberian Sphinxes found their way to my pastels.

Perhaps I have to do something with those creatures interrupted me in the beginning.
Perhaps, some strips again.
Who knows.

спокойной ночи


Anonymous said...

Urca, Eta.
Quanta roba nello spazio di un'attesa e di una distrazione.

Mi dà una dimensione concreta del tuo periodo super-creativo a cui hai accennato.

Eta said...

Che poi è tutta roba benvenuta, ma chiaramente allunga un poco i tempi di produzione generale.
Ed ecco che mi salta il treno del fine settimana per venirti a baciare a Den Haag.
Però si rimedia, si rimedia…

Anonymous said...

E vabbè, non posso pretendere tutto! :D