Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Braid Insect

so, yeah, I powerfully feel you, my friend,

you make the braid at the end of my hair while I work and I go on fearless
(and, saying that, I picture you like in the video for heidi *  :) )

((((((((     Do you see that cadmium? I can't believe what I've done.
I know I got a massive influence from the exchange with the Fox, who I even dreamt as cadmium, but now that I finally let flow the yellow on my sheet, some enormous and awesome old names lick my brain, telling me the cadmium was just waiting for this awakening. And these names are: Max Ernst, Marc Chagall, Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech and Joseph Mallord William Turner.

On one hand I'm sad because I basically never used the yellow before in my life (except for this yellowish once, again being surprised of using it, indeed (the post is in Italian, but I had written about that surprise)),

on the other hand I drool because I'm now expecting great tasty nights in company of this my new favourite friend which I'm dating for the first time - I feel like Maude with this unbelievable chance to seduce her new very young and inappropriate lover… because the yellow is inappropriate, isn't it? It's so brave! Ah!     ))))))))

((((((((     New hot stuff with some brave yellow and the other new pastels are coming soon.

Untill I'll have eyes to contemplate, I will never get bored.     ))))))))


Jul said...

It' me it's me! :) :)
and it's not simply yellow, it's cadmium, the color I once explained as my favorite among the yellows to my father (I was no more than 7 years old), and he said that he had never heard of it before. he was so shocked that I was teaching him something like that at that age. :D
and it's also the color of my always-on-my-finger amber ring! :) :)

long live the cadmium!

thank you eta mia,

love you powerfully.

Eta said...

Tell your daddy about this illustration, my dear. ;)

We just talked about cadmium, so I knew it was special for you – but actually I wasn't aware at all it was gonna be SO special. Magic. :) :)

LYP too, my sweet Jackalope.


Nukkuva Puna-Kettu said...

Tracce ( e trecce! ) di giallo cadmio che ci uniscono! La cosa si fa curiosa e potente come piace a noi! ;))

Eta said...

e furiosa.

[Off Topic: watch this awesome trailer by Furyoso; , you'll love it.]

occhio sulle espressioni said...

È troppo bello guardare attraverso un filtro giallo cadmio!
Perché non te lo leghi alla chioma, così ogni tanto puoi usarlo a mo' di monocolo?
Io non posso, ho i capelli troppo corti!

cooksappe said...


Eta said...

@occhio sulle espressioni
Non è che mi fa impazzire l'idea di legarmi un filtro giallo ai capelli.
Chiaro segni che devi farlo tu (chiaro segni che devi farteli crescere).

Bentornata, sono sicura di averti già beccato fra i pesci volanti, anche se non ricordo più le coordinate. :)
Anche tu amante del camdium, deduco. :)

occhio sulle espressioni said...

Io ce l'ho già, ma rosso!
Ed è legato alle ciglia!

Eta said...

Che male!

occhio sulle espressioni said...

Sì... Però c'è il pregio di poter guardare attraverso e non solo agitando la testa!