Wednesday, 2 October 2013

(Guessing Epicity)

October is one of my favourite month because it celebrates brownish colours.
I'm glad to inaugurate this October with some portraits I made of Victor Lorandi, since he likes them too.

Furthermore, October has been the month of the first sketch and photographs I made of him, three years ago.

That time, the only thing I understood about Victor was his clear passion for writing; I never seen anyone else keep writing that much in a pub or anywhere else. This time, I enjoyed the honour of a very long conversation about his (and mine) artistic process and it has been very lovely to let grow the ideas I had of him from that time to our present (whatever "present" could mean): I saw in one bigger picture the same guy was bent on his pen now telling me his trip through the inspiration and how a pen or a keyboard can call him.

But there is a specific cerebral joy I appreciate in conversations: when we actually define concepts, concepts I can grab and use as guide or reminder, concepts can shape a cloud of thoughts and inspire new branches.
I know I'll keep some of his helpful and inspiring thoughts up on my mental board, so I'm very thankful; I'm thankful for the concepts themselves, for this satisfying sensation of bringing a peculiar sense to a night and for the satisfaction of reaching some conclusions (a lot of the people, instead, is used to blab to postpone the solution and wallow in the grief: thoughts with a goal make the difference).

Last but not least, I'm thankful for the laughs!

⁂  These pictures
have been taken with a lot ot love
for a special lady living to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, rather in the South…

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