Monday, 14 October 2013


While I write this post, a modest natural disaster is letting Utrecht experience some troubles: in twelve hours it rained more then in an average October (the most raining month) and I'm been told every basement of the town is getting flooded.
I live in a basement.

I'm enjoying this trouble, also since it is not a serious drama, because I love to see how with a trouble people help each other and organise themselves. It reminds me what my hitchhiking trip shown me this August: persons love to help, specially who doesn't have too much to give is often who enjoys more to give, anyway. "Homo homini lupus" is not a truth, although the humankind has been able to way too far. I don't think that attitude belongs intrinsically to our nature.

Anyway, yes, it's still true we're showing we're able to go "too far"; indeed this not common rain really let us worry about the climate change (which is not really an unknown news I'm gonna send you from The Netherlands, I know, but right now it's just on my skin).

Also, somehow I like to fully live all this moment here, sweating to dry my basement (hey, wait, I don't sweat at all, it's too cold…) and meanwhile thinking that at the same time, somewhere else, in my hometown in Italy, my old friends are there – and I can picture them! I love this. I love to close my eyes and shortly be exactly where who I love is.

So tonight I like to post here some photographs from my ten days in Cremona, the past September. Drops of magic friendships.

me by Erica Lanzoni while I was floating in her shelter

With Lidia

With Axl and Sonica

• their depth first •

• and their sweet shyness afterwards •

myself again by Erica Lanzoni

With Andrea

(And yes, by the way, although this trouble I still like the rain. And The Netherlands, of course. And since I see most of the people living here don't understand how I can (or just consciously disagree), I thought it was nice to share my reasons, time by time, with an hash tag. Try on twitter #WhyILoveTheNetherlands and feel free to adopt it – I'm just at the beginning. NB Doesn't mean I don't like Italy or any other place. But I prefer the Dutch weather. Yes, I do.)


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