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Sunday, 21 April 2013

(«See you at their bodies about 5 pm!»)

• zoom! •

(I desire so badly to create a longer story on this idea, but my list of project calls me up for something else. This is just a sketchy expression of all the pictures that I got today after reading a dream… Uh, the dream isn't mine, I do steal, yep, but I guess that is fine, as long that playing with the strangers consciousness it is too!)

… So, tonight your lesson is: next time that you have to take a flight, you do your check-in, you finally, tired, you seat in the waiting area and you feel unbelievable attracted by that stranger there, well, answer you where is from your feeling; there are strange powerful beings here around and inside, you better watch out!
Or enjoy randomness and serendipity.

(I wish you go for this one 'cause is pretty confortable to me, actually… Thank you a lot in advance.)

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