Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Where are you floating down?

Something strange is just happened.

This night I'm finally replying a long e-mail to my friend Dorotea. Meanwhile, I have an open folder with some pictures of her last time with me in Utrecht, i picked up my developed roll just today and I was gonna publish them.

Writing to her, suddenly the title for the post came in mind – Where are you floating down? Already in my e-mail to her, I mentioned Dumbo, when he's still that cute bundle of the post-stork. Dumbo that flow down through the clouds.

Well, having the title, my fingers automatically googled "floating down".
In the time between the short typing, a line from Pink Floyd clearly appeared in my thoughts: Floating down the sound resounds. I had written this quote of Astronomy Domine hugely on my old bookcase, when I was a teenager. It's something engraved in my memory end even if "floating down" are just a pair of words, my brain has his maniacal duty to respect. Still typing my title on Google (yes, this is a story of two seconds), I smiled back to myself and my obsession, but then an unexpected result made me really surprised: the first suggestion was The Gunner's Dream, another song from Pink Floyd! I was almost disappointed because instead I had completely forgotten that line. Shame on me, I ever kept inside The Gunner's Dream as well as a holy track (I have a personal particular affection for all the album The Final Cut, that, in comparison with the rest of the discography, is not so loved.)
But the real coincidence was listen again to the song and read the lyrics, discovering that the first line says exactly Floating down through the clouds: right as my image of Dorotea as Dumbo! And if you know those such wonderful bastards that Pink Floyd were, you already see the assonance between the two songs:
Floating down the sound resounds
Floating down through the clouds
And if you know them and you're maniac enough, you are already conscious that this could be the umpteenth tribute from Waters to Barrett (Astronomy Domine was in their first album and the lyrics are by Syd Barrett, instead Final Cut belongs to the last period and it's by Roger Waters).
Ok, I have no idea about how all this can be already famous, but such a coincidence with such a "discovering" was already something to share. 

Furthermore, I could tell that opening the tab with the song and seeing that youtube wasn't loading, I was wondering about from what I had heard that sound and why it seemed The Wall in place of The Gunner's Dream. Obviously there was another song still going in streaming (that classic stupid mistake that happens if you use too many tabs at the same time). This suggestive song that I was hearing now for the first time is Byss & Abyss, by Espers, and it doesn't sound as Pink Floyd, it was a sensation of two seconds, but I'm still trying to understand which song reminded me. Who knows, perhaps someone else feels the same and can help me.

Anyway, Dorotea, now you can feed you with three songs just for you.
I guess that Byss & Abyss, actually, will become the one more tuned on your vibrations.

But I didn't forgot my original question.
Where are you floating down, Dorotea?

Or rather: please, don't.

(No, non so cosa cacchio significa "figo" in contesto nederlandese. Sì, sto indagando. Poi aggiorno la didascalia  a dovere.)


McA said...

You wrote that Byss & Abyss, by Espers, «doesn't sound as Pink Floyd». In my opinion, it does (if it's licit to claim that something sounds as Pink Floyd)! Weird thing # 6234: are you sure you were hearing this song «for the first time»? I'm sure it's not the first time I listen to it, and, if it wasn't because of your blog, why do I know it?


Eta said...

Oh-ho, when I specified that that song doesn't sound as Pink Floyd, an hypothetic-you were in my mind, hyper-critic (rightly) about any of such comparison! But if you see a kind of likeness, ha!, I'm already loosing weight from my fault! Hahaha. Meh, when I wrote it, by the way, for some reason "The Wall" was in my mind, but, actually, with that light celtic echo, it could really remind Pink Floyd in "More" period, for instance. Mmh, interesting. My list of stuff that can a bit remind them is fuckin' short: they inspired billions of musicians, but Their Sound is nowhere.

About Espers, Cousin, I don't know! I don't trust my broken memory, so I made a research in my blog, but there are no results from them. Camon, am I the only cute girl that you know that explore "New Weird American Folk" genre, as they call it?

Eta said...

WAIT! Now I have it! I was sure that the "familiar notes" were in the beginning of the song, instead you should go at 5:05, oh my god! Is it right a tribute, maybe?! How much is big the hole in my brain to lose this parte when I listened to the song the second or third time?! Help me, which song is it?!
Not "The Wall". Maybe from "The Dark Side of The Moon" or, again, "More"?!

Ma fi§@, Eta!

Eta said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmm neather "Dark Side".

McA said...

Well, it's really hard to find out... They're descendant chords, as in a bunch of rock songs, from Dazed And Confused to Colossal (listen from 4:19)...

Anonymous said...

Don't be afraid. I've floated (a little) down just to go higher. Sai, è come caricarsi a molla.

Che bello vedere le foto di quel giorno. Sono sempre curiosa di vedermi fotografata dal tuo sguardo.

E comunque è troppo un onore essere nello stesso post in cui rifletti sui Pink Floyd.

Eta said...

@ Dorotea
After your new e-mail, I was thinking to updating my post, actually! Nice don't be afraid anymore – yes, I was it.
Do ♥

@ McA
I'm postponing a proper answer, because it's a holy topic that I can not treat as a random thing during my usual rush… ;)

Eta said...

(Il tutto intermezzato da ogni gastro-eccesso di cui sai, per altro)