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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Five Hands painting session

Before our collective painting session, Jessie was the only artist to know all the guests of this nice experiment that she asked us to do together.

She told us that she was sure just about one thing: the difference between the styles of all of us. And she was right; also our paths in art are very different.

After some vague e-mails, we prefered to decide the possibile project the same evening, waiting the inspiration of our first live meeting.

Painting by: Tom de Bruin, Enzio van Olderen, Natalja Heybroek, Jessie Bragdon and Eta

The idea of the five hands drawing themselves was by Enzio (yes, Escher, thanks also to you, we didn't forgot you, dear old cute corpse!). Our sheet was big enough to design it in real size and start to work together, adding details to the concept of the painting (and stealing some moments of the night – the thieves of these photographs were Natalja and me).

me, Tom and Enzio (please, pay attention to every different expression, hahaha)
Jessie (a barefoot soul) and Enzio
After a while, who wasn't painting hanged another sheet to the wall of my studio and we left a print of our arms straight from the skin to the paper, creating a kind of "parallel" work.

Obviously again by Tom de Bruin, Enzio van Olderen, Natalja Heybroek, Jessie Bragdon and me
Already another sheet was on the wall too, the one in which we freely spontaneously sketched some doodles.

and again…

Enzio between two hanged works
Enzio, Jessie, Natalja and Tom around the last moments of the collective session…

Thank you again to Jessie for called us and thanks also again to all of you, Enzio, Natalja and Tom.


Natalja's breathing canvas-skin


ribbon. said...

ma che cazzo di figata!!!!!!!!!!!!
perchè a me non m invita mai nessuno a afre queste cose figherrime ;((

Eta said...

Perché la gente c'ha paura che gli scoppi tutto il pluriball che ha in casa, nana.

Devi misuarti coi limiti della tua follia.

Prenditi le tue responsabilità, suvvia.