Monday, 24 December 2012


When my hands are busy, my mind is set on my own and often it starts to virtually writing. In this period, my mind writes a structured synthesis of my hypothetical next future, a synthesis supposed to be shared maybe also here, looking for my meaningful stone from where to see Beyond. But at the moment the hands (pretty useful for the physical action of writing, actually) are too often busy with other stuff. So I'm just posting a sketch made with these thoughts, some weeks ago. I hope to find the time for a long post about this, also because even if it looks how something completely about me (perhaps with that classic timing of the end of a year), I'm sure that it concerns huge concepts that should involve everybody; I'm already curious about your opinions. Furthermore, a lot of people is asking me what I feel like doing next year: well, my options are so complex to tell, that I'd like having a ready text, after all.

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