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Friday, 3 August 2012

Caught by a Pterodactyl

There's something wrong in my little body of human girl, because there's something that I completely cannot find in myself: the Rhythm.
This is like the worst deficiency for who adores the music like me.
I can dance and sing hidden in my lovely bedroom, but the idea of a serious attempt is pretty strong. I think to the athletics that run without legs, or to my belief that everybody can learn how to draw, but I know that all these missions ask you great efforts – furthermore, it's hard to do if you've others passions in your life.

But two nights ago something made my pray real…

A pterodactyl caught me while I was enjoying a doom ritual in front of an Electric Wizard and made me fly over a neon sea full of volcanoes, gently beating the Rhythm on my little body:  I  a m  a  d r u m  n o w  .

Thank you, Gentle Pterodactyl, for let me feel the harmony of the whole Essence...

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