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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The Ballad of The Fears And The Exhaustion


Kind of warm up, breaking ice – warming ice. Sometimes I need to make self-portraits, to tell myself how I'm doing, and sometimes it feels like it's worthy to share it.
Warming the ice with exorcisms.


I had found fears. The fear not to know how to draw. To be able to draw only certain hugs.

I start from here: from drawing this again.


Sometimes I've been feeling too tired, missing the world that I dream. But I want to keep having visions, and to share them. This is why I'm here. To tell about another world.

I belong to this generation. I found this. We're here to talk about love. That's why we're here.

/ / /

(The spectrum of emotions that intertwine in my drawings always involves many hearts. Right now, because of this bundle of hours, I want to send my thanks to two people: to Bogdan and to Micheal.)

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