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Thursday, 14 January 2016

★ And I'm Not Against It ★

Something happened on the day he died.

So many of my dear ones grown with a specific devoted love for Bowie. I open my heart to a collective virtual hug for all of their pain. A special thought goes to my friend Caterana Tonnē Fleur, as in the last years she fell into a giant obsession which surely changed her spirit and taught her many things. I believe that, for her, this loss is actually the departure of a spirit master. I need to tell her that he gave to her one of the most precious things: the opportunity to prepare herself to any bigger loss ahead, or any kind of approach to the death. His parting gift is to help facing the death and our days' carnage – hi, Cancer. He recorded his own death while happening. I believe that that's one of the most beautiful Death in Rock, Art, and maybe History.

"I'm A Blackstar" / And I'm Not Against It

Holy Thanks, Blackstar.

Death is beautiful. Embrace Death.

Rib, gather yourself, start the trip and hold the treasure in your heart for ever. That's the way. Do not fear.

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