Saturday, 10 October 2015

Seven years of flying fish

Just in time! It's not midnight yet, I made it home before, it's still the 9th of October! Happy 7th birthday, my dear little blog!
Thanks so much to all the people who shown some sweetness for it: much much love to all of you!
A special thought to Lu, for the very meaningful day she had today and shared with me, to Lidia, who wrote me this afternoon and have lots in common with Lu although they never met, and to Lu's friend who recently left Budapest for Austria, Palestina, Nepal and Spain, keen to help people.

▲ Cheers to the process of clearing one's vision, "as they say in Findhorn"
(as my thoughtmate says ♥ ). * * *

Just made, coming home, from the bus glass: the gaze which always I find traveling with me…

Argh, not in time: publishing the post at 00:01 of the 10th. Shit, sorry my sweet blog. But: you do know I've been thinking of you, and you know very well my little issue with time, don't you?

PS. And also: Happy Birthday, PJ Harvey!

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