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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

"Not Flamingos"

Heidi and the 9 Feathers  – no, wait.
I meant, we! Ah!

So, wait, let's start all over again.
Thing is that today, 13th or 14th of January 2015 (depending if you count the New York City time or the Dutch time zone), today more than ever I feel I'm "a Feather" too: I'm really a member of this amazing band and it's really a big joy! And this year I feel that somehow I'll manage to meet Heidi Harris, after some years of collaboration, and perhaps, who knows, all the Feathers. I'm so glad!

So, let's start again… We picked up the Flowerism from Felice that I've shown here some days ago as illustration for Not Flamingos, a song to let you taste a bit in advance how their coming album will sound!


Much love to all the Feathers over there in New York. Feeling you so much from here!

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