Wednesday, 9 January 2013

We are The Dalì Progeny

There are some days when I think I'm going to die from an overdose of satisfaction.
Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech

Felipe Lorandi Iturrieta Gonzalez
portrayed by Eta

More then once, people around said about me and Felipe that we look like Dalì and Gala. It's a kind of delicate matter, because I was always been the one to claim to be Dalì, but his moustache and the fact of being a male (this is cheating, by the way) bring more points to him. It sounds like an endless complicated topic, I know – and so important! Anyway, a tribute to Dalì was mandatory, for us. Especially after visiting the exhibition in Brugge, in June (just for coincidence, again: I don't know why, but often in my life I go somewhere and I find Dalì's art temporary in a museum, without knowing it before).

Felipe in the Station of Antwerp, going to Brugge
Me in Brugge – Portrayed by Felipe Iturrieta
Felipe in Brugge, just before visiting Dali's exhibition

Furthermore, I want to mention Emisfero Australe, a photographic project with the surrealistic painter Vincenzo Gualano by my hyperspatial plume Rib; you will see a huge gorgeous echo from Dalì there too, but me and her don't know anymore which is the consequential order of our connections, even if I can tell you that her art has a big influence on me (thank you again and again, Rib).

The triumphant proud Vanity of this post is absolutely wanted.
[Rib is requested in the triumph too]

(Waiting the shooting)


ribbon. said...

amore iperspaziale e surreale per te
e per l'omino col nome + lungo che abbia mai sentito ;)

Eta said...

Occhio che Dalì, avendo due nomi, oltre che tre cognome, lo batte in partenza: quindi a chi incanaliamo codesto tuo amore iperspaziale e surreale? Ambedue e via agili, no? :D
Io però di amore a Dalì non ne darei più, tutto quello che potrei dare a Dalì lo do a noi, che siamo bellissimi. \m/
Salvador, stammi bene lì tra i vermi.