Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Tributes to The Rhythm

I started this illustration the 21th of September 2012, to say Welcome to the Autumn, as tribute of the Flying Fishes for the Fox (thank you for your wise patience), the Jackalope, the Unicorn of the Blue Star (we're waiting for you, girl).

Totems Tributing The Circannual Rhythm

When I was still sketching, the day was running out and I followed my call from the little forest here around the town where I cycle, Utrecht. That time I didn't found the forest and the day after my mission became to let fly a lantern: that's how this drawing started to wait on my table. I deduced that the Earth Rhythm that I was trying to celebrate was still far from my own rhythm (if I have one). But the End of a Year is much stronger and now I'm driving a shining horse that is finally letting me dance between my visions; finishing this Tribute and happily going between many works. Some of these new images are already part of this post – this appointment with the Thought – and something else has to wait a bit on my desk (but not too much, I wish).

So the next ring of the chain that I'd like to donate you is the short pilgrimage that I made with my dear friend John, going in Copenaghen to visit the Unicorn of the Blue Star and the Jackalope. It happened in November, still in Autumn.

I took these photographs in a special place that you can find in the Danish capital: the free town of Christiania.

The third and last ring is the homage to JulJackalope's and it's a fruit of tonight.

(Ah, Giulia, se ti tagli i capelli ti strappo la faccia, sappilo).
(Sì, li puoi spuntare. Solo spuntare, eh.)


The Blue Star, the Jackalope and John going in Christiania


jul said...

il jackalope ringrazia (con molta molta commozione. tra gli sketches, le foto e il ritratto, non so cosa mi emoziona di più. :) ) e giura di non tagliare proprio niente. :)

Eta said...


Nukkuva Puna-Kettu said...

Mai attesa fu meglio ripagata!
Grazie mille, è fantastico essere usciti da quella tua mano, e con una coda così bella! ;)

Eta said...

Grazie Volpe, la mia mano accarezza la tua coda. Tanti omaggi alla tua coda, sì sì. :)