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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

"Mayla" – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

After a very long time, finally I made another video. It's something very simple, but for me it's really precious. It's precious come back to that dear dimension of the audiovisual language and it's unbelievable precious this specific situation: my loved band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros published a video contest for the new album Here. I chosen the song Mayla.
There are many tales behind this project, but I'd like let you watch it without too many introductory words. So, just enjoy it!

I would write something again only to let sing my huge Thankfulness to some people.

Thanks to Isa and Jesebel Braggie, the gorgeous child and the sweet woman that performed for me. And thanks to the Isa's parents too.

Thanks to my thoughtmate Natalja Heybroek that inspired me with the concept of circle and harmony.

Thanks to Carolina Farina for her amazing handmade book.

Thanks to Marloes Stellaard, 'cause she's the indirect great creator of almost all those special things and corners that I recorded.

Thanks to Alberto Mocellin and Gianvito Cofano and their patience and goodness and severity with me.

Thanks to those Eyes that I look to rise.

Thanks to all friends of mine and to all the strangers, sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers, that have jumped with me singing the songs of this special band.

Uh oh, sorry, actually I've something else that I'd like say here.
Now I'm very curious to watch with calm the other entries, but I can already feel a common attitude, closed to the band's spirit and to mine. Just this it's enough to make me joyful and let me grow up better a certain hope – a hope just about the human future. I know that it can sound naive. And, well, it is! But it's so special feel that there are several beings with a similar idea of peace and harmony… (Because I think that this is the real core of the question.) To you all film makers of this contest and to the rest of the world: love, love, love.


Artemide said...

only one word: Magic <3

Eta said...

Oh yes, the Magic is in the air. I'm glad to know that you know how find it.

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