Thursday, 17 January 2019

You Will Heal (A Letter I'll Handle, One Day...)

May my vision give solid roots to the future
May you one day look back and see all this, with different eyes
One day you'll look upon all we've done, and see all what I have held back, then learnt to graciously dance with
You'll see all what I have done, not to lie to you
without supporting your cage either
One day you'll see all the patience I had all along
How much I had to grow too
To wait to see you dance free
One day you'll see all this 'cause you'll heal
You will finally heal, and will be able to see the cage from outside
Then you'll know it so well, that you'll be able to heal others, help others, understand others, support others in a way that none else can now
You will win this, it will be over
I believe in you, and all that you are doing now
It Will Be Over.

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