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Friday, 28 August 2015

And the fish flies ♓ I got a website

I want to be the best I can be to render myself useful for existence. 

The fish flies, I have a website:

There's a page with my portfolio. There's my About. There's also a shop page, it's still to be filled, but the intention is all there. There's a section all dedicated to my project Felice, for the book, the performance, the paintings and illustrations, and more (it will keep growing, there's much that not here nor on the Facebook page I have posted yet).
I'm so much in love with my website!

I made it with and installing an Organic Theme, which turned out as a very smooth choice; I like their style and I appreciated their kind helpfulness on the forum. If you're thinking about building your website and you're up to spend some money on a theme, personally my thumb is up for them.

The .gif above was done with the rotoscope technique, which always gives me a terrible pleasure of freedom. (And since .gif are finally getting more supported by websites and are fun, well, consider sharing my messy banner, if you like it. Smuack!)

Much more freedom is also what I'll feel now for my blog, because in the last years I was treating it a bit too much like a portfolio instead of enjoying it more spontaneously as a narrative tool. Now that I got a more proper platform to organize my art, I will finally get back to the lighter stream that this place was till some years ago. It will be a little more like a journal, let's say. Probably I will also use it to express more explicitly some opinions non strictly related to my projects or to art, but most of all, I will be probably posting more sketches, work in progress, divertissement and any kind of small thing.
Basically, my website is now the showcase –– genuinely mine, but all well dusted and organized. And this blog, instead, is my home, folks, and in my home I do not remove the spider webs

…Speaking of which, and speaking of spontaneity and little, little things, there is a video I've been almost hiding for months, here to you, out of the blue. Please, steal six minutes of silence from your daily roar, if you want to join my trance.


Now, as thanking is one of my favourite activity, some of the big thanks for my website (trying not to thank each bee and leaf, so that perhaps I won't loose ALL my readers, nor my night…).

Thanks to all my dear freaks who I bothered while I was struggling to find the perfect url. (Including that critique that I skipped.)

Thanks to Natalja Mara Heybroek, who brilliantly helped my Statement for the About page.
That manifesto makes me feel terribly good and her gentle and wise touch was mind blowing.

And thanks to Rib., who deserved a thanking page only for that; what she did is too much to explain. Even after several months, I didn't make it yet to let her understand.
She's a tiny, tender mystery.


(   …Oh, ohhh man, it feels so good to be back here!

I hope you enjoyed the spiderwebs and that you don't mind the dust.

Welcome in my haven.
Relax, and laugh.  (:   )

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