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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Death Tambourine

Il tamburello della morte

This tambourine is going to roll down in the streets with me, this summer, in Italy.
That's the project I'm working on.

Si chiama Felice, e qualche volta su queste pagine è già passato.
Briciola per briciola, assaggerete di più.

I was originally looking for a gong, but the basic idea was a golden disc. On the way for a place which, in the end, didn't have anything similar, I found this tambourine in a shop with egyptian and african handicraft. It immediately called my attention while I was cycling. Afterwards, at home, I painted my symbol on it.

I think that this Object is going to become one of my long life companions.


Dalia Gobs said...

Wowowo non vedo l'ora di vedere l'Eta in azione :))

McA said...

Voglio conoscerlo!

Eta said...

Vedrete e conoscerete, vedrete e conoscerete! Anche il tamburello della morte non vede l'ora di battere i suoi colpi d'amore per voi. :)