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Friday, 24 January 2014

De heks en de reiziger

If your favourite piece of existence comes back in town after ten months of traveling, what do you do?

 a) You prepare a wonderful dinner;

 b) you try to not get too crazy getting ready for your romantic date;

 c) you dress up like an old witch to show up somewhere when you know he/she'll arrive and her/his friend (who's obviously involved) will pick him/her up.

Well, if you go for the third option, you better know that there's a chance someone from a newspaper will stop you in the street.

• Thank you Cees, Fleur and Angeliek from AD •

The original idea, as the article says, was to never tell him my identity; indeed I didn't interact directly with him. But, well, no surprise, he understood it was me, anyway.

Dreamy dreams, my dream-dreamer…


Jul said...

posso commentare solo con un sorriso enorme?


(e quel disegno! che bello!)

Eta said...

E domandi anche? :)


Anonymous said...

Mi batte il cuore!

Eta said...

Sei una vichinga dolce, d'altronde, tu. :)

Anonymous said...

eh..l'ultimo beh...

Eta said...

Cose che capitano con la fortuna di avere la musa più dormigliona che ci sia. E uno specchio strategico. :)